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Broadening Our Base

Pharma has penetrated, and is controlling all the vitamin trade associations in the world. Massive spin has been done against the anti Codex mssg of IAHF and its allies in an effort to squelch our mssg and keep it from being heard by the American people, and by the vitamin consumers of the world.

By linking to the IAHF's websites, especially this new site, you can help spread our influence in cyberspace, making it easier for more people to find us, hear our message, and take ACTION!!

By getting our EDUCATION KIT you can hold meetings in your area to help us spread the word about what Codex is and how to fight back!

By educating your local health food stores, vitamin companies and alternative practitioners you can get them to QUIT NNFA and support IAHF and our allies instead. We DESERVE their support. NNFA does not. NNFA is ignoring its own bylaws by not enforcing its bylaws pertaining to conflicts of interest.

CRN, NNFA, AHPA, IADSA and all of IADSA's member trade associations world wide WANT CODEX for the reasons discussed in Suzanne Harris's excellent article: WHO SAYS WHATEVER HAPPENS AT CODEX DOES NOT AFFECT US LAW & WHY DO THEY SAY IT?

By educating the health food stores and vitamin companies that belong to these trade associations, by showing them this article and other information contained on this site, we CAN STOP CODEX by taking the steps necessary to DEFEND US Sovereignty, CANADIAN Sovereignty, and the Sovereignty of all other nations in a process of being forced into a genocidal New World Order.

Show people this documentary film by Alex Jones "Police State 2000" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1551348336255792191&q=alex+jones its a real eye opener.

Read and show people this book THE CATTLE by Greg Sarwa http://www.gregsarwa.com its a real eye opener. See the "real life links" section on his site.

Watch and show people this lecture by Dr.Stan Monteith "None Dare Call It Genocide"

Dr Monteith exposes the organized attack against the people of America and the World. There are people who don't think like WE THE PEOPLE do. There are evil people in the world who would rather see most of us dead. Dr Monteith goes over the means and ways of the wicked that have a different world view then you and I.

Help John Hammell of IAHF to get more public speaking and radio gigs to help him spread the word. John has done over 300 radio shows over the years on the Codex issue and pledges to keep doing more. Help him also get his articles into more magazines. (At the link above you can hear him on Coast to Coast AM With George Noory.)

Take the initiative to order the IAHF EDUCATION KIT and organize a meeting in your area today! John Hammell can speak at your meeting either in person, or via speakerphone- or he can help you get up to speed sufficiently that you can hold your own meeting.

See the LINKS section on this website, and if your site is health related, lets trade links.

If you have any contacts that could help IAHF with our mission, please put us in touch with them.

By getting the IAHF EDUCATION KIT and putting the IAHF bumper sticker on your car, you will stimulate large numbers of new people to log onto our sites and to sign up for the IAHF e-list for updates. By showing the documentary film We Become Silent also available in the EDUCATION KIT, you can rapidly awaken more people so they'll get involved!  Our numbers are growing, thanks to YOUR help and active involvement! This is a TRUE grass roots effort!

Please encourage everyone you know to subscribe to the IAHF e-zine, there is SAFETY in NUMBERS!!