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About IAHF

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International Advocates for Health Freedom was started in 1996 by  John C. Hammell, Legislative Advocate, to catalyze global opposition to a pharma driven effort to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range via the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission.

IAHF is a Consulting firm to the dietary supplement industry on legislative issues with a large grass roots component with nearly 4,000 subscribers to a growing email distribution list from 43 countries. IAHF has been instrumental in catalyzing the creation of a global health freedom network of vitamin consumers opposed to the UN's genocidal Codex dictates. 

Additionally, in the past 17 years Hammell has consulted on legislation at the state, and federal levels, as well as on legislation in Canada, the UK, the EU, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He has appeared on more than 300 radio programs pertaining to the Codex vitamin issue including "Coast to Coast" with George Noory; "Sightings" with Jeff Rense; the Gary Null show, and numerous others as well as on radio shows in Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Additionally Hammell has made presentations at the National Health Federation show, the PANLA Conference, before ACAM, as well as other groups. An audio tape of his 2005 PANLA conference presentation is included in the IAHF EDUCATION KIT.

Hammell is a member of Freedom Force International and subscribes to the views of founder/author G.Edward Griffin on the importance of striving for freedom in an unfree world. FFI's site contains numerous valuable resources for anyone with a strong belief in individual rights who opposes being pushed into a collectivist New World Order. In 2007, Hammell was inducted into Freedom Force International's "Hall of Honor" along with film maker Aaron Russo http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/freedomcontent.cfm?fuseaction=hallofhonor&refpage=hallofhonor

IAHF takes a macro view of the Codex vitamin issue, recognizing it for what it is: one key part of a much larger population control, and societal control agenda. Food (and Nutrient) control = people control. Hammell recognizes that spin on the issue from the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations has been blocking vitamin companies, health food stores, alternative practioners, and consumers from learning what they need to know to stop this CODEX agenda.

In 1997 Hammell exposed International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Trade Associations (IADSA) via the IADSA EXPOSED WEBSITE as a controlled opposition group representing pharmaceutical interests. This phony health freedom group (intended as an umbrella group to represent the supplement industry at CODEX meetings) can't be trusted by any dietary supplement company belonging to any of IADSA's member trade associations- especially NNFA and AHPA in the USA, CHFA in Canada, or HFMA in the UK. IADSA was created to directly oppose IAHF's efforts to call the truth about the Codex vitamin issue to the attention of health food stores, alternative practitioners, small- innovative vitamin companies, and consumers.

Hammell, a lobbyist/organizer for the dietary supplement industry since 1989, witnessed crimes committed by the FDA at Codex meetings in Germany in '96 and in '98 as an observer on the US Delegation to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses.

Recognizing that Codex is a totally rigged process, a form of high drama put on for public consumption in which the outcome of the meetings is determined in advance of their even taking place, Hammell sought to expose the questionable actions of US Codex Delegate Beth Yetley at these meetings because they were totally inconsistent with US Dietary Supplement laws- an obvious attempt to set the USA up for harmonization to a very restrictive global standard.

In 1998 Hammell shot video footage of Dr.Yetley at a pre meeting of the US Codex delegation where he captured her on tape totally ignoring letters from several members of Congress who had ordered her to remove a paper from the table at Codex titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients". This paper is unscientific, never underwent a public review period, and its tenets run diametrically opposite the spirit and intent of the US Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 which it is clearly intended to subvert.

A strong rebuttal was issued to it by Dr.Richard Malter and published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. The rebuttal in part led to several members of Congress including Congressman DeFazio (D-OR), Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), and Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) issuing letters to US Codex Delegate Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA to not put this biased paper on the table at the '98 Codex meeting in Berlin Germany.

At the '98 meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Special Dietary Uses the whole meeting was stopped to force Hammell to stop videotaping. His footage from both incidents, along with footage shot at health freedom demonstrations in Canada and in Germany is included in the anti Codex documentary film "WE BECOME SILENT", where Hammell also is interviewed.

The film can be viewed at and is part of the IAHF EDUCATION KIT which is catalyzing growing grass roots opposition to the planned North American Union via which Codex would be ushered in to the USA.

In 1999, Milt Copulous was fired from Congressman Dan Burton's staff for attempting to assist Hammell in getting a proper oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue. He wasn't fired by Burton, but by someone with power over him on the Committee Staff. He was replaced by a Pharma Plant.

In 1999 Hammell received death threats for pushing for oversight on Codex and moved from South Florida to a remote location in the Appalachian mountains. He has since moved to Point Roberts, Washington.

In 2000, Hammell was kicked off the US Codex Delegation by Dr.Edward Scarbrough, US Codex Manager, per the request of Dr.Yetley of the FDA, due to his efforts as a whistleblower seeking to expose her via congressional oversight. After being kicked off the delegation, Hammell demonstrated against the CCNFSDU meeting in Berlin in 2000 as part of Dr.Matthias Rath's demonstration.

On March 20, 2001, the congressional oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue which Hammell had pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed. He wasn't allowed to testify, his witnesses weren't allowed to testify, the only person who WAS allowed to testify was Karl Riedel, a co-chair of NNFA's International Committee who had been badly misled on the issue by his co-chair Randy Dennin, then an employee of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company as ceo of Capsugel, a subsidiary of Pfizer.

Riedel misled congress, and the supplement industry by stating that Codex "only threatened to impact our international sales, not our domestic laws." His spin, and that of others within the industry has been shredded by Suzanne Harris, JD in this article "Who Says Whatever Happens At Codex Won't Affect US Laws And Why Do They Say It?"

IAHF has played an integral role in spawning the birth of a global health freedom movement which must integrate with the anti Globalization movement if consumers are to successfully thwart the population control/ societal control agenda arrayed against us. IAHF holds the view that you can't stop Codex AT Codex due to how the corrupt UN "process" is rigged.

Recognizing that Codex would be ushered into the USA via the planned North American Union which threatens to crush the sovereignty of Canada, the USA and Mexico, IAHF urges people in these three countries to carefully scrutinize the EU DICTATORSHIP EXPOSED section of this site to learn the history of the EU, because the exact same lies are being used to suck us into an identical dictatorship. We must awaken enough people in time to STOP THIS!

IAHF holds the view that the only way Americans can stop CODEX is by recognizing the specific threats arrayed against our sovereignty,  because these threats directly threaten the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act. Also threatening DSHEA are domestic bills which IAHF opposes. IAHF endorses good bills which expand on freedoms received via DSHEA. 

IAHF further holds the view that dietary supplement consumers and proponents of alternative medicine must proactively live healthy lifestyles and network constantly to bring about a paradigm shift from the allopathic "disease care" model which clearly is not working, to a wholistic model of healing.

IAHF holds the view that people outside the USA can best defend against Codex by taking steps to defend their sovereignty. A case in point is represented by the New Zealand struggle to block pharma driven efforts to force New Zealand to "harmonize" their liberal food based supplement regulations to Australia's far more stringent pharmaceutical regs: http://www.nzht.co.nz/

In the coming year, IAHF will be working with Well TV to create an expanded, updated version of the documentary film "We Become Silent" featuring Dame Judi Dench as narrator in an effort to catalyze a larger global campaign for health freedom.

Via IAHF's EDUCATION KIT, vitamin consumers across the USA are holding meetings to spur a larger fight back. Via a stepped up campaign of radio shows and public speaking in the coming year, IAHF seeks to derail the Trans Texas Corridor, kill the North American Cooperative Security Act, and get congressional oversight on Codex and on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.

Hammell's drive to create IAHF was spurred by his personal recovery from a life threatening illness in 1981 via orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode. His personal story of recovery has been downloaded thousands of times by people world wide and has helped many to escape the ravages of so called "mental" illness.

Hammell points out Dr.Candace Pert's monumental discovery that the brain is interconnected with all organ systems in the body via chemical messengers called PEPTIDES such that there is no such THING as "mental" illness- the whole person must be treated, and only non toxic nutrients can bring about genuine healing at the cellular level.

Hammell created IAHF so that others can have the same chance he had to heal, and so that none of us ever lose access to healing nutrients which he believes are gifts to us from our Creator.