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       Conscious Health

   Finding "balance" in our lives starts with the four

                 aspects of ourselves: 

           Mental,Emotional,Physical,& Spiritual 


Mental(East)- "Thoughts are Things!" 

Many of people are very strong in this aspect of ourselves.If you are not than reading,art,listening to music,learning(through listening,attending courses,school) will strengthen this side of ourselves.

Diet: brain foods such as raw,organic nuts,seeds,fish, good oils(hemp,flax,fish)


Emotional(South)- "Home is Where is the Heart Is"

When we open our heart healing can begin and thus allows our throat chakra to open so we can speak our truth.

Asking for help is the first step!

Diet:Red veggies/fruits-berries,rosehips,hawthorn


Physical(West)- "Our Body is the Temple of God!"

 Diet: Whole raw foods,organic(clean)foods,non-medicated.

*Enviromentally safe body care, & cleaning products.Our skin absorbs everything transdermally. 


Spiritual(North)- "Spiritual Beings Having a Human  Experience"