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Health Freedom Timeline

Health Freedom Timeline in America from Flexner Report in 1910 to CODEX in 2005 & All Skirmishes in Between:

                 What to DO to Stop CODEX


By John C. Hammell, President, IAHF



Below you will find a TIMELINE of key events, which serve as important BACKGROUND INFORMATION necessary to thoroughly understand the Codex vitamin issue. Reading this TIMELINE will help consumers, innovative vitamin companies, and alternative practitioners to AVERT the modern day equivalent to the Flexner Report as represented by the CODEX attack on safe vitamins. A hallmark of this attack is its incrementalism. The Cartel is grinding away against us with intentional slowness in the hope of averting a public backlash. Understanding that is CENTRAL to a successful fight back as we're on the edge of the cliff right now. Unfortunately, so far the cartel's strategy is working very well for them.

At the end of this timeline you will find IAHF's ASSESSMENT of what will happen NEXT unless WE STOP It. You will see a list action steps to stop this pharma driven eugenics agenda to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range. Reading this will help you to understand my perspective on this complex issue so that we can defend access to dietary supplements for future generations. I don't expect you to read this in one sitting. Please read a portion at a time until you have read ALL of it. The more people who do that, the better chance we'll all have to stop this horrible agenda.


(1) 1910: Flexner Report forces closure of all alternative medical schools in the USA as Carnegie Foundation, Pharmaceutical Industry and AMA consolidate power.
  Women and Blacks barred from being doctors. Schools of Naturopathy, Herbology, and Homeopathy forced to close. Populist health revolt that had erupted against allopathic medicine quelled. Flexner report only allowed for funding to be provided for medical schools patterned after John's Hopkins University’s, which was patterned after the German medical schools. An analogy can be drawn between the Flexner Report and Codex in that both constitute desperate attacks intended to protect the pharmaceutical industry's "business with disease." Those who fail to LEARN from history are often doomed to REPEAT history. The Flexner Report set alternative medicine back for over 50 years in the USA. Codex is intended to have the same sort of impact on the Dietary Supplement Industry.

(2) 1911:
First Vitamin was isolated.

(3) 1962: Codex Alimentarius Commission Established jointly between the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.
Stated Purpose: "To protect the health of consumers, and ensure fair practices in food trade."

(4) 1962: FDA gains power to regulate pharmaceutical drugs via Kefauver Harris Amendment which allowed FDA to determine validity of health claims and claims of   efficacy of drugs. For more than 10 years until passage of Proxmire Vitamin Act in 1976, FDA harasses vitamin companies in the courts trying to regulate vitamins as      "drugs."
(5) 1963:Germany becomes host country of Codex Committee on Nutrition & Foods for Special Dietary Uses in long-range bid to defend their pharmaceutical industry.

(6) 1966:
FDA proposes rulemaking that would have defined dietary supplements in excess of 150% of the RDA as "drugs", would have banned all health claims, would have required warning labels on bottles stating that an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals could be found in commonly available foods.

        Hearings held between 1968-1970
a series of court challenges were undertaken and lost by the supplement industry and the final regulations were signed on August 2, 1973. Subsequent court challenges by the industry reversed the earlier decisions, canceling the regulations and paving the way for the Proxmire Amendment.

(7) 1976: Proxmire Vitamin Act passed to thwart FDA rulemaking effort which threatened to classify high potency vitamins as "drugs" in the USA
 Huge public outcry against regulation between 1966 and 1976 pushed Proxmire Act through Congress.

(8) 1977: Federal Appeals Court rules against FDA rulemaking effort that would have banned high potency vitamin A and vitamin D as "drugs".

(9) 1990: Nutrition Labeling and Education Act becomes law. Threatens to undo Proxmire Act as FDA announced intention to regulate vitamins as "drugs". Bill was fast   tracked through the House, was on its way to the Senate before consumers reacted and pressured pharma dominated vitamin trade associations to reverse original position which was to FAVOR passage of the NLEA. While some of NLEA's worst excesses were curbed, we didn't stop its passage.

(10) 1994: Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) passed into law to thwart FDA's efforts to overturn Proxmire via NLEA. Campaign to pass DSHEA resulted in largest letter writing campaign in the history of the US Congress. Unfortunately, however, DSHEA contains a lot of Trojan Horse language including the right for the FDA to draft new Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations for the supplement industry, something they are threatening to come out with this year (2005).

(11) 1994:
WTO Created From Uruguay Round of GATT- Gives Codex Enforcement Power
 Codex standards used by WTO's Dispute Settlement Body to Enforce Trade Disputes
Canada puts motion on table at Codex to create negative or "no trade list" for herbs to ban the sale of many safe herbs from international commerce at regional Codex meeting of North America & the SW Pacific held in Vancouver.

(12) 1996: Life Extension Foundation wins huge victory over FDA following 11-year legal war. FDA dismisses all 56 trumped up charges and backed off from holding a trial. This was the first time in FDA's 88-year history that they were ever forced to give up on a criminal trial. FDA had seized over a half million dollars worth   of vitamins in a Gestapo like raid and were attempting to call them "unapproved new drugs." John Hammell figured into this successful defense by assisting LEF in creating the FDA Holocaust Museum, which documented the numerous ways in which FDA kills Americans. FDA did not want these exhibits to be used in open   court.
In desperate effort to outmaneuver the American people, seeing that they can't beat us on US soil, via our laws, FDA and Pharma Cartel look to   CODEX as a way forward....

(13) 1996: John Hammell generates first article in world (Life Extension Magazine) which calls CODEX vitamin issue to public attention, FDA spin machine immediately goes into overdrive, echoed by pharma dominated vitamin trade associations. Hammell educated on Codex issue by Ron Birckhead, vitamin distributor driven out of business in Norway by stringent regulations there.

(14) 1996: Hammell does public speaking in Canada to trigger massive protest against negative list proposal for herbs. At Codex meeting in Bonn, Canadian delegate initially announced Canada was backing off from the negative list proposal for herbs, then at the end of the meeting Canada made a motion to shift herbs out of   Codex over to a panel at WHO (to which the public has no access). US Delegate Yetley illegally seconded the Canadian motion (which was consistent with Canadian law, but not with US law) this was an intentional effort to shift herbs to a venue to which the grass roots has no access, and to a venue where supplements are considered drugs (from Codex where they're considered foods.) This is a perfect example of how the Codex shell game works. At Codex meeting, Pharma Interests were assisted by double agents on the US and Norwegian delegations who attempted to pressure Hammell into ceasing communication with Birckhead whose efforts to defend health freedom in Norway they had sabotaged. These double agents were instrumental in inserting Trojan Horse language

 into the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. They were working on behalf of the European American Phytomedicines Coalition, which was trying to harmonize US to German law. One of these double agents was the first Executive Director of Citizens for Health, a controlled opposition group.

(15) 1996: IAHF created by John Hammell after witnessing US Codex Delegate Dr.Beth Yetley violate US law at a CCNFSDU meeting in Bonn, Germany where she illegally seconded the Canadian motion to shift herbs out of Codex over to a special panel at WHO. Yetley's action was illegal because it was not consistent with current US law where herbs are regulated as FOODS under DSHEA. While Codex considers supplements to be foods, the WHO has always considered them   to be DRUGS. Additionally, Yetley failed to ask anyone else on the US delegation what we thought of her seconding the Canadian motion and US Codex Delegations are allegedly "working groups" where the national delegate is supposed to confer with all observers on the delegation, but this does not in fact always happen. Often the National Delegate acts unilaterally, and ignores US law (something FDA has a long history of doing.) It is outrageous that the USA is” represented" at Codex meetings by an unelected bureaucrat from the FDA. The US should not even participate in Codex meetings. The whole way they're run goes diametrically against every tenet of representative government on which we supposedly base our laws. FDA's actions at these meetings clearly indicate an effort to subvert current US law by setting us up for harmonization to grossly restrictive international standards. IAHF contacts Congressman Burton's office and is told an oversight hearing will occur to examine this issue, but efforts to follow this up fall on deaf ears due to pharma plants on Burton's oversight committee staff.

(16) 1997: IAHF, Law Loft, and Clinton Miller combine to amend FDA Modernization Act of 1997 to remove dietary supplements from harmonization language which impacts the whole rest of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Amendment made it ILLEGAL for FDA to take the actions they've been taking at CODEX which run contrary to current US law. FDA has been blatantly ignoring the law despite well established congressional intent with regards to this amendment. IAHF has received a response from L.Robert Lake, lead attorney at FDA, which provides their creative interpretation of my amendment. Congress whitewashed the oversight hearing on this issue that I pushed for 5 years on March 20, 2001 (more below)

(17) 1997:While IAHF was engaged in the lobbying campaign to amend the FDA Modernization Act, German pharma elements controlling Citizens for Health created a website called "Codexfacts.com" When they controlled this domain it was filled with disinformation intended to libel John Hammell and to declare Codex to be a non issue. This site is no longer in cyberspace and the domain is now controlled by IAHF ally Kevin Miller of Well TV. The site was timed to interfere with Hammell's lobbying campaign, and it had a link into this spin CFH spin piece which declared Codex to be a "non issue" which is still archived in cyberspace at
http://web.archive.org/web/19971017204727/www.citizens.org/codex.htm This spin was bolstered by faxes CFH sent to Congress specifically telling them to ignore Hammell's mssg on the Codex issue. It is paralleled today by similar spin being disseminated on the issue by CRN, NNFA, IADSA, CHFA and other pharma dominated vitamin trade associations worldwide.

(18) 1998: IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Companies) formed by employee of Pfizer ostensibly to "protect" supplement industry at Codex.

(19) 1998: US Codex Delegate Yetley flagrantly violates the law while ignoring letters from Congress telling her not to put a biased, unscientific, pharma funded National   Academy of Sciences paper on the table at Codex titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" on the table at Codex. NAS utilized risk assessment methodology originally developed by John Hathcock, PhD when he worked at FDA where he misextrapolated from a toxicological risk assessment model originally intended for the evaluation of toxic drugs and misapplied it to safe vitamins. In '98 Hathcock left FDA to go to work at CRN where he became a huge champion of this NAS approach as an "alternative" to basing allowable potency levels on RDAs and CRN has been working overtime for the past 8 years in an effort to mislead their vitamin company members into believing we have won a "victory" at Codex as a result. In reality, this is a huge con job.Vitamin companies have fallen prey to a very skillful use of the Hegelian Dialectic. First the cartel created the problem (threat of regulation to RDA levels.) They did this to trigger a desired public reaction (FEAR). In that climate of fear, they ushered in the alleged "solution" using controlled opposition groups (pharma dominated vitamin trade associations CRN, NNFA, IADSA, CHFA, and others to proclaim that we'd won a "victory"- when in REALITY, there is nothing at all "scientific" about the potency levels they're calling for- that has been amply exposed by Malter, Gaby, ANH and others- the "UL"s they're calling for aren't much higher than the RDAs, but they're what they figured they could foist off on a sleeping industry which they've been skillfully keeping in the dark.

(20) 1998: Hammell confronts Yetley & Hathcock in Bonn, Germany at pre meeting of the US Codex Delegation the day before the Codex meeting took place. Demands to know if Yetley had read the letters from Congress telling her not to put the NAS paper on the table at Codex given that to do so would violate US law, given that it    never underwent a public comment period, that it was biased, unscientific, and inconsistent with US law. Yetley attempts telling Hammell he "doesn't understand how paper is to be used." Hathcock attempts to defend the science of the paper. Hammell tells them exactly how the paper is intended to be used, and informs Hathcock that he was awarded a "BAD SCIENCE" award while at the FDA when he generated the paper that NAS was basing their work on. The BS award was issued by Brian Leibovitz, PhD, editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition, editor of the Journal of Optimal Nutrition, for Hathcock's stringing together the largest number of nonsensical acronyms, and for making the largest number of nonsensical equations ever strung together in a supposedly "scientific" article.

(21) 1998: Hammell stopped by German government from videotaping Codex meeting after videotaping the first half hour. Whole meeting was stopped to force Hammell to stop taping. IAHF secured proof of non-transparency of Codex by fact they wouldn't allow videotaping. Digitized footage and put on the web. FDA backed up by US Codex Chair Dr.Ed Scarbrough kicked Hammell off US Codex Delegation prior to 2000 meeting for this and for trying to put Yetley under a Congressional microscope. Jurgen Kundke (Bgvv Press Secretary) bans Hammell from future participation at Codex despite his being a licensed, credentialled member of the press.

(22) 1999: Hammell driven out of South Florida by death threats stemming from efforts to push for congressional oversight on Codex. Moves to remote area in Appalachian Mountains in SW Virginia, continues pushing for Oversight from safer location.

(23) 1999: Members of NNFA introduced to IADSA at NNFA trade show in Las Vegas. IADSA pulls wool over industry eyes via slick slide show presentation at Hospitality Suite in the Hilton Hotel payed for by Pfizer. During fancy catered dinner with lots of imported beer and wine, Dennin, Riedel, and Pettman con industry into believing that the mission of IADSA is to get the rest of the world to harmonize to DSHEA. Riedel does a slide presentation in which a map of the world is shown, with the US marked "green" symbolizing proper degree of consumer access due to DSHEA. Several other countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, England, Ireland and Holland) are marked as "striped" indicating their being somewhere in between the US and the rest of the world-, which is marked as RED. With a grandiose sweep of his arm across his chest, Karl Riedel caused all the "striped and red" countries to turn GREEN. Zero effort was made to explain just how IADSA intended to pull off this magic trick in real life, and why anyone in the industry would trust an NGO created by an employee of Pfizer to actually CARE about this industry is   beyond my comprehension. All evidence shows IADSA is doing the diametric OPPOSITE of what they told the industry they were doing. The biggest smoking gun exposing IADSA is that they kicked NNFA New Zealand OUT of their trade association, making zero effort to help New Zealand manufacturers defend against pharma driven harmonization pressure coming from Australia. This website provides an abundance of hard evidence that IADSA is a controlled opposition   group

(24) 2000: Congressman Ron Paul attempts to remove US from WTO via H J Res 90 due to report by Jeanne J. Grimmett from the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress which stated that the US "is required" to harmonize its law to international standards (including Codex) due to membership in the WTO. Effort fails due to multinational control of Congress via PAC donations.

(25) 2000: Milt Copulous fired from Congressman Dan Burton's staff for attempting to help Hammell get congressional oversight on Codex. Was not fired by Burton himself, was fired by someone on the Committee staff with power over him. Was replaced by a pharma plant that played an instrumental role in whitewashing the Codex oversight hearing on March 20, 2001.

(26) 2001: March 20, 2001- Congressional Oversight Hearing on the Codex vitamin issue WHITEWASHED. Hammell not allowed to testify. Hammell's witnesses not allowed testifying. The only person who was allowed to testify was Karl Riedel, co-chair of NNFA's International Committee (whose co-chair was and still is Randy Dennin, who until recently was an employee of Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company (ceo of Pfizer subsidiary Capsugel which sells more than 70% of the gel caps used in the manufacture of dietary supplements. NNFA is not enforcing its bylaws pertaining to ethics, or conflicts of interest. In his testimony, Riedel stated that Codex "only threatens to negatively impact our international sales" but does not threaten to impact our national laws. In making these assertions, Riedel regurgitated FDA’s spin on the issue, which is also being echoed by the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations. Just two weeks after Dennin's testimony, his co chair on NNFA's International Committee, Randy Dennin, chaired an IADSA meeting in Capetown, South Africa titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model" IAHF ally pretending Codex is a "non issue" that does not threaten to negatively impact US law, IADSA is working hard to help the FDA and the pharma interests dominating the vitamin trade associations to create one set of rules government the sale of dietary supplements world wide. They oppose ANH's efforts to overturn the so-called "positive list" in the EU Food Supplement Directive, and they oppose consumer’s efforts to kill ratification of the Codex vitamin standard. Simon Petman of IADSA has openly made statements in the press against consumers trying to stop Codex.

(27) 2003: Senator Dick Durbin introduces S.722 The Dietary Supplement Safety Act in aftermath of FDA's pulling ephedra off the market. Congresswoman Susan Davis introduces House companion bill HR 3377. Both bills would require Adverse Event Reporting for dietary supplements (but not for food in common form, even though objective evidence exists to show that food in common form is more dangerous.) Under this legislation, dietary supplements could be falsely blamed for virtually any illness or disease that would have normally occurred, regardless of supplementation, and would not make any distinction as to what actually CAUSED an illness- a dietary supplement or a drug being used at the same time. If nutritional supplements were unfairly paired with adverse events, lawsuits would follow, even with no connection between the event and the consumption of a dietary supplement. Moreover, insurance companies would refuse to insure dietary supplement companies, leading to the downfall of the industry. The bills did not get much momentum. Currently they have not been reintroduced, but could be this spring.

(28) 2004: Codex vitamin standard pushed through to step 8 (completion) in Bonn. Corruption in meeting documented by Scott Tips, JD, Legal Counsel for the National Health Federation in his article "A Meeting of Two"
http://www.thenhf.com/codex_25.htm which also exposes IADSA's agenda.

(29) 2004: Emergency Anti Codex Meeting Held Nov. 18th at ACAM emceed by Jonathan Wright, MD Speakers included Robert Verkerk, PhD, Exec Dir, The Alliance for Natural Health (UK), Suzanne Harris, JD, The Law Loft, and John Hammell, President, IAHF.  DVD can be seen on streaming video at 
http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf IAHF encourages consumers world wide to massively disseminate copies of this DVD to health food stores, vitamin companies, and alternative practitioners.

(30) 2005: Alliance for Natural Health makes court appearance in EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg where they made a solid bid to kill the so called "positive list" in the draconian EU Food Supplements Directive in an effort to defend consumer access to supplements in England and all over the EU. Verdict won't come till June. ANH's effort has huge global implications due to political dominance of Codex by the EU. Scott Tips of NHF has documented that EU Codex Delegate Basil Mathoudakis was the most influential person in the Codex meeting, with Chairman Grossklaus making every change he requested. An effort is underway to overlay the EU Directives as a template atop Codex to expand the scope of Codex beyond vitamins and minerals to all supplements in the future. UPDATE FROM THE HEALTH FREEDOM FRONT LINES by John Hammell

(31) 2005: Codex battle can be seen in microcosm through the ongoing struggle in New Zealand to fend off pharma driven harmonization pressure from Australia  http://www.nzhealthtrust.co.nz Note that IADSA abandoned New Zealand, showing their true colors.... http://www.iahf.com/iadsa.index.html

(32) 2005: MAY: Christine Lewis Taylor is "on loan" from FDA to the World Health Organization where she chairs their "Nutrient Risk Assessment Project" which will hold a "workshop" in May to "define a science based and internationally applicable approach for nutrient risk assessment for nutrients and related substances."  http://www.who.int/ipcs/highlights/nutrientraproject/en/ As of March, Taylor has selected just 18 out of more than 600 applicants for this "Workshop" via a totally opaque selection process. (Everyone from our side who applied was EXCLUDED including Richard Kunin, MD (respected orthomolecular physician and a Past   President of the Orthomolecular Medical Society), Robert Verkerk, PhD, Exec Dir of the Alliance for Natural Health (only one of 16 organizations to submit comments to WHO about their fraudulent "risk assessment" project which is only examining RISKS and not BENEFITS (as is done with pharmaceuticals.) Also rejected was Dr.Steven Hickey, author of Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C

(33) 2005: Pharma Interests seeking to thwart the anti Codex message of IAHF, NFH, AHHA, ANH, The Law Loft, AAHF, NAHF, LEF, MAYDAY, La Leva Di Archimede, Pharmapact, New Zealand Health Trust and other allied groups have pulled out ALL THE STOPS in a major SPIN campaign against our message. Cognitive Dissonance has set in with far too many vitamin companies IGNORING the issue as a result. Examples of the spin and counter spin can be found here:

http://www.crnusa.org/PR04_110204jointCodex.html, CRN: MYTHS & FACTS ON CODEX & WTO http://www.crnusa.org/leg_CODEX.html

 IAHF COUNTER SPIN: http://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+299

   CRN and others who would have us believe Codex will "help consumers" cannot counter our claim that WHO's "Risk Assessment Workshop" has been rigged against us, because they can't deny that everyone on our side who applied to participate was rejected.


Between July 4-9th 2005 at the 28th Session of Codex- they'll move to ratify the Codex vitamin standard (with blanks on allowable potencies still to be filled in AFTER THE FACT. The WHO Nutrient Risk Assessment Workshop won't be filling in those blanks right away. Here is what WHO says they're doing with this workshop: they say they're going to "define a science based and internationally applicable approach for nutrient risk assessment for nutrients and related substances."
They won't fill in the blanks on allowable potencies prior to ratification for the following reason:

They want opposition to subside first. They figure if they ratify the standard, and nothing happens for a few months or even longer, all opposition that has been mounting against their agenda will fall away, with organizations such as IAHF, NHF, ANH, The Law Loft and all of our allies world wide discredited as "alarmists" THEN they'll come back and quietly fill in the blanks with no one paying any attention. This would be consistent with the entire incremental PATTERN of the Codex vitamin issue over the past 9 years. They're trying to baloney slice us to death, to "boil the frog slowly."

Once they fill in the blanks on allowable potencies (after ratifying an incomplete standard in order to sidestep opposition), the Codex vitamin standard would be used by the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body against any country that refuses to harmonize to Codex. Massive pressure to harmonize would occur, both from the pharma dominated industry itself, from regional harmonization through such means as the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and through domestic legislation such as Durbin's bill. In the book WTO Whose Trade Organization?
http://www.citizen.org/trade/wto/ Lori Wallach, JD has documented that every decision the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body has made has gone against the environment, against the public health, against human rights, against labor rights, against every intangible that does into the makeup of any democratic nation's laws. Harris's article should be re-read: WHO SAYS WHATEVER HAPPENS AT CODEX DOES NOT AFFECT US LAW AND WHY DO THEY SAY IT


Innovative vitamin companies stand to lose the most through these planned changes. They must enter into a partnership with the grass roots to

A) Conduct a test case against DSHEA to assess how it might fare in the event of a WTO Trade Dispute. Experts in trade law who are not caught in conflicts of interest and who could be trusted to do an unbiased analysis should conduct this test case.

B) Conduct a feasibility study on the prospect of suing the FDA to block ratification of the Codex vitamin standard. The grounds for this lawsuit would be that FDA has ignored the amendment to the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 that I worked so hard to get back then. I have hard evidence that FDA is ignoring congressional intent regarding my amendment in the form of a letter from L.Robert Lake at FDA, which shows FDA's interpretation of my language.

C) Create a massive PR campaign behind getting the USA out of the UN and the WTO and also to kill the FTAA. Pass resolutions against FTAA in state legislatures as was recently done in Utah.

FTAA and the New World Order

The FTAA And the New World Order

D) Work with Congressman Paul to push his legislation for above purposes.

E) Create a Global PR Campaign against Ratification of the Codex Vitamin Standard- South Africa is currently the only country in our corner. More countries would be if we exerted pressure and got the truth out there.

Note: An Award winning documentary maker is currently making a documentary on Codex. When it is finished, it will be unleashed, and will help us to generate the donations we will need to do all of the above. Till then:

Please keep donating to IAHF to assist us in doing additional emergency public speaking such as the Emergency Program at Expo West Vitamin Trade Show this week:

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