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Anti Codex Song- "Don't Want Your Codex Alimentarius"

"Don't Want Your Alimentarius" was written and performed by Bob Lansing of the IAHF list. Bob lives on an anonymous island, somewhere in one of the seven seas, thats all I will reveal about his location and I deeply appreciate his dedication to health freedom! (Click on MP3 file below to hear this great song!)

At different times Bob and I both lived at the same commune in the heart of the Applachian mountains in SW Virginia, but we didn't know each other til several years after we each had left this place which I moved to after death threats drove me out of South Florida for attempting to be a whistleblower against Codex.

Bob lived in that magical spot in the mountains of Virginia a few years before I did, and we met on the internet after Bob signed on with the IAHF list. Someday I hope to meet Bob and his fiancee, and have invited them to come visit us here in Point Roberts. What we have in common is a deep faith in our Creator who gave us the herbs and other natural health products, and a love of the outdoors. Just as I recovered from a life threatening illness by taking dietary supplements, Bob too had a powerful life changing experience as a result of these unpatentable substances too.

Everyone on the IAHF list all over the world owes Bob Lansing a debt of gratitude for  making the effort to write, and perform this song which was recorded by a close friend of his- again, somewhere on that anonymous island, somewhere in one of the seven seas, at an undisclosed location on Planet Earth. Please urge everyone you know, all over the world, to download this song to their MP3 player, to share it with their friends, so that more people will "climb aboard the bus." Together we CAN stop the Pharma Cartel!!

-John Hammell------- October 26, 2006---- on the eve of a lobbying trip to Washington DC, just before the Congressional Election......Please assist our grass roots campaign! Donate to IAHF today!

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