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IAHF owes a huge debt of gratitude to Emma Holister in France for creating these marvelous health freedom cartoons! (Please scroll down!!) Emma can be contacted via www.communicationagents.com/emma_holister/ and you can see her cartoons at www.artmargin.com  For many years now Emma has been one of the unsung heros of the health freedom movement, tirelessly translating our information from English to French, and from English to Spanish. She is now also learning German. A talented artist, Emma is also a graduate of the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts, USA where she became formally trained in the art of macrobiotic cooking. Like many people in our health freedom movement, Emma got involved initially out of her personal efforts to find answers for a challenging health issue: Candida Albicans.

An Englishwoman living for many years now in France, Emma the rarest form of courage, and IAHF salutes her for her service to our movement, and to her wonderfully zany wit! Its very important that all of us take the time now and then to just have a good laugh! Our movement is often way too serious, and Emma has given us a wonderful gift with these thought provoking cartoons which express many complex thoughts through art- a powerful way to communicate.

Please hire Emma to do some art work or cartoons for your needs! Contact her via  "Emma Holister" emma@holisters.net, and tell her IAHF sent you!!